Balance and Gait Disorders

Get Your Feet Back Under You With Physical Therapy

We have all experienced dizziness at some point in our lives. To say the least, it is not a pleasant sensation. You feel like the whole world is about to slip out from under your feet! This sensation is fairly common with balance and gait disorders.

Feeling dizzy and unstable, on the other hand, can be a common occurrence for certain people. Do you find yourself looking for walls, railings, or other items to help you keep your balance? Is your equilibrium no longer what it used to be? If this describes you, you may have a balance or gait condition that requires treatment.

The Difference Between Balance And Gait Disorders

While there are many similarities between balance and gait impairments, there are also numerous differences. Below is some information about gait abnormalities vs. balance disorders:

Balance disorder –

Balance problems can be both physical and mental, because your brain may believe you are moving when you aren’t. You may get a sense of falling, stagger when walking, or feel as if you are floating. Blurred vision and dizziness are other typical symptoms. Changes in joint strength, mobility, and proprioception (the capacity to perceive where your joints are in space) all have an impact on your balance.

Gait disorders –

Gait abnormalities create irregular motions in the way you walk and run. These abnormalities may become more pronounced as you become older. Strokes, inner ear difficulties, foot ailments, and even something as basic as ill-fitting shoes might trigger them.

Reasons For Gait And Balance Disorders

Balance and gait problems can arise for a variety of causes. Your vestibular system controls your sensation of position, often known as “proprioception. Many balance problems are caused by issues within the vestibular system.

A problem with your balance or gait might be caused or exacerbated by underlying musculoskeletal and neurological issues. Our Bellevue, WA physical therapy clinic can, fortunately, assist you in regaining your balance and correcting your gait.

Some common vestibular conditions resulting in balance disorders include:

Neurological issues –

There are hundreds of different neurological issues that can result in balance and gait problems. They may include Parkinson’s disease, brain injury, or stroke.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) –

BPPV occurs when calcium debris breaks off in the inner ear, causing issues with balance.

Injuries and ailments –

Even if your brain and neurological system are in perfect sync, a sudden injury, disease, accident, or other illness that causes muscle weakness can throw your balance off and make it difficult to stay upright.

Synergy Physical Therapy Can Help You Find Relief

The most effective treatment for balance and gait issues is physical therapy. When you come in for your first appointment at Synergy Physical Therapy, our physical therapist will perform a thorough physical examination of your balance, gait, stance, medical history, and symptoms. Afterward, a unique treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs.

Your treatment plan for your balance or gait disorder may include the following exercises and treatment methods:

Gait retraining exercises –

Sometimes, abnormalities in gait can be corrected through “retraining” where you learn proper techniques. Runners can benefit from this kind of therapy technique as well.

Vestibular rehabilitation –

If you are living with a balance or gait disorder, our physical therapist will provide you with specific exercises that will move the calcium debris to the correct parts of your ear. Physical therapy treatment works to improve your vision, nerves, muscles, and the vestibular system as a whole, to maintain a steady balance.

Stretches –

Stretching will help improve your flexibility and your range of motion. It will also give you more control and quicker reactions to your movements. They will keep your muscles from becoming too tight and stiff, and reduce your risk of injury.

Strengthening exercises –

Your physical therapy evaluation will help determine what problem areas in your body may need strengthening. Our physical therapist will provide you with strengthening exercises that will build up your muscles, thus making it much easier for you to move around and reduce your risk of injury.

Ready To Find Relief For Your Balance Or Gait Disorder?

Balance and gait problems do not have to rule your life. Our physical therapists in Bellevue, WA can teach you the best techniques for improving your balance and walking ability. It is critical to seek assistance if you are having trouble staying steady, as you do not want to fall and injure yourself!