Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy Can Help With Your Chronic Pain

Are you living with pain as a result of an injury, illness, or operation? Manual physical therapy could be an excellent solution to your problems!

If you’ve sustained an injury and you’re having trouble recovering from it, manual therapy could help you heal and improve your overall function. Our Bellevue, WA physical therapists use several instruments and strategies to relieve pain and improve function.

Are you having trouble recovering from an injury or operation? Manual therapy could help you. Call Synergy Physical Therapy at (425) 435-5277​ today to schedule an appointment and get started!

Is Manual Therapy Safe?

In short, yes!

Manual therapy is a safe, hands-on therapeutic technique for treating individuals in pain due to sickness or injury. Physical therapists employ hands-on therapy to move tight joints and soft tissue. It is a cutting-edge therapy procedure that aids in the decrease of edema, restraint, joint mobilization, and mobility improvement.

Does This Treatment Method Hurt?

No, manual therapy is not supposed to cause you more pain. Manual therapy has great pain-relieving properties.

Many first-time physical therapy patients expect their sessions to be painful, unpleasant, or even excruciating. However, manual therapy is non-invasive and painless.

The best thing about it is that it also works without the need for potentially dangerous medications.

Our physical therapists at Synergy Physical Therapy are trained medical experts who are familiar with how the body works. We will have you feeling better in no time! Many patients notice a difference after one session.

Techniques Of Manual Therapy

There are several different therapeutic techniques available to you. Some common manual therapy treatments are as follows:

Joint mobilization

When you experience extreme discomfort following an injury, a limited joint may be to blame. Our physical therapists are specially qualified to mobilize confined joints by applying pressure at a low velocity.

Manual traction

With this kind of technique, the physical therapist will apply gentle pressure to a specific area of the body. This pressure will gently stretch the soft tissues and restore natural motion. Manual traction can be used on the arms, neck, leg, and back as well.

Soft tissue massage

Physical therapy massage therapies are not the same as what you’d get in a spa. Unlike a typical massage, therapeutic massage serves a medicinal purpose!

Our Bellevue, WA physical therapists employ massage treatments to break up scar tissue and adhesions caused by inflammation or damage to manipulate the soft tissues.

Massage therapy involves the application of deep pressure and rhythmic stretching. These actions help your physical therapist find and move severely restricted bodily parts. This approach also helps to improve blood flow and circulation to the muscles and soft tissues.

Myofascial release

If you are experiencing stiff or tight muscles, myofascial release may be an option for you. Myofascial release helps with pain relief by easing the tension in your muscles. It is a form of massage performed by your physical therapist that focuses on specific pressure points, aimed at bringing the myofascia back to its elastic form.

If you’ve been feeling stiff, and you think you could benefit from myofascial release, give our office at Synergy Physical Therapy a call today. We would be happy to set up a consultation and discuss how our treatment services could benefit you!

Strain-counterstrain method

The strain-counterstrain method focuses on fixing abnormal neuromuscular reflexes that cause both postural and structural issues. Our physical therapist will locate the patient’s position of comfort and hold that position for approximately 90 seconds. When holding, an asymptomatic strain is induced through stretching. The patient is then brought out of this position. This allows for a resetting of the muscles and sets the muscles for healing. It’s a gentle technique that is commonly used for back problems.

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