Vincent Wu

Vincent Wu, LMT

Vincent, a graduate of Bellevue Massage School in 2020, specializes intherapeutic massage with the intent to supply the proper care your bodyneeds. Before moving to the United States in 2017, he had been in this healthfield for 12 years as a physical therapist in a national medical center inTaiwan, and has picked up a good deal of expertise in these areas: pediatric,neurological and orthopedic areas. He is good at assessment andrehabilitation plans for groups included but not limited: development delaychildren, cerebral palsy, all kinds of soft tissue injuries, and most neuro relatedinjuries. In his spare time, he likes running. In addition to completing manymarathon games, he has a running coach certification (Pose Method ofRunning) and loves teaching the running drills to help people run correctlywithout getting in pain.

Since pain is a natural signal alerting us to a malfunction within the body, finding the cause and communicating with the body are always what he’s good at. Through his expertise in muscle, nerve, and fascia, he can initiate the body to recognize itself, then the process of body reset will go organically. If you are looking for a massage to deal with your discomfort, he could be an amazing therapist you have never met before.

Skill: Deep tissue massage, Myofascia release, Swedish massage, neuromuscular techniques, joint mobilization, lymph drainage massage